On Rainy Days....

비가 오는 날엔 나를 찾아와
밤을 새워 괴롭히다
비가 그쳐가면 너도 따라서
서서히 조금씩 그쳐가겠지
On the rainy days you come and find me
Torturing me through the night
When the rain starts to stop, you follow
Slowly, little by little, you will stop as well
비가 떨어지니까 나도 떨어질 것 같애
뭐 네가 보고 싶다거나 그런 건 아냐
다만 우리가 가진 시간이 좀 날카로울 뿐
Since the rain is falling, I think I might fall as well
Well this doesn’t mean that I miss you, no it doesn’t mean that
It just means that the time we had together was a bit sharp
너를 다 지워냈지만
모두 다 비워냈지만
또다시 비가 내리면
  힘들게 숨겨놨던 너의 모든 기억들이
다시 돌아와 널 찾나 봐
I erased all of you
I emptied out all of you
But when the rain falls again
All the memories of you I hid with effort
It all comes back, it must be looking for you
비는 항상 오니까 계속 반복되겠지
그치고 나면 그제서야 나도 그치겠지
Rain always falls so it will repeat again
When it stops, that’s when I will stop as well
The title is 'On Rainy Days'
its another ballad song from BEAST.
the music and the lyric was so good. 
Its rainy outside..... 
cant help but to turn on this song when rain starts to falls..
dont know why, but sometimes this song just so heartwarming,

Try to listen this song guys... :))

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