Days7 - If you could visit 3 different countries where would you go?

All my tasks thankfully almost done everyone, im so touch..... huhuhu. 
Bakal ngelanjutin postingan 30dayschallanges lagi! Saya udah skiped banyak hari yeah, maap. So here we go, days 7!

If i could visit 3 different countries where would i go?

Makkah come first! as mouslim whos not ? furthermore, if i go there with my own money~ with all my family ? ough....this day will come right ?!
The second country, then it will be Indonesia. Yeah, i know im already here, but just a little piece of Indonesia, theres so much places that im dying to visit in this lovely country! Traveling from Sabang to Marauke....thats one of my dream! 
Then, the 3rd yeah, maybe you already know. I want to visit Seoul~ he he! i love somethings cute, and for me seoul is cutes country! hahaha!  

done yeah~

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