Day5 - Describe a typical day in your current life!

Well....theres no much interesting things in my current life, i dont have such a thing as a typical day anyway. Because unless my subjects i dont really have a set schedule. Its just going like its should be...hehe

But its mostly same all day, i get up around 4am, take a shower, praying, and turn on my pc and logged onto internet (i love when i have time for bloging and reading another bloger posts before start my day, sometimes they inspired me a lot!) if i have enough time then i make a breakfast, cleaning my super mess room (but sometimes i just left it mess like a hell), get dressed in flash, eat breakfast and then rushing to campus if i have a morning class (yes, im a true walker haha!)

If i have break time till the next class, i usually spend it at mall beside my campus with some friends; hang around at foodcourt and my favorite place; gramed (i can never be bored in this place! #stupidnerd). I usually back home at 5pm, take a shower, turn my pc on again, doing assignments while browsing/downloading in my pajamas and surely with a bottle of coffee~ (btw today nur bought me a coffee when i drop in her boardinghouse, throwing big kiss! :*)  and i can stay till late, sometimes not even sleep hehe. 

if i have a day off, and i have nothing to do or no where to go, then i just laying on my bed while browsing/reading/watching some movie all day long without even getting bored. Haha!

exactly like this-___-  (random from google)

SO! thats the typical day of mine...
hows about yours ? 

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  1. quite similar
    But I think I'm lazier hehehe

    Always late to wake up
    Always late to campus

    that's my name
    [A]lways [U]sually [L]ate

    *mahasiswa paling tidak disiplin se kota padang*


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