Day4 - 10 Things i would tell my 16 years old self if i could 16 years old self
im on my second grade at Senior high school then...
if i really really could tell my self back then, i'd like to scream on my own -16 years old- face 10 things :

  1. STUDY HARD!!! (Yeah, one above another that i really regret right now is i didnt give my best on study, im not regreting that i coudnt make it to medical student big No! just....i just regret it.)
  2. Learn more on drawing! really really, on that age i never ever imagin that i will take design multimedia major one i turn to university. my -16 years old- still stuck with medical things haha!
  3. Work lazy bug! I have to admit that back then i really lazy-bug-like. Hard for me to help my mom or my housekeeper to do any kind of things. That habit....i just wanna punch my self on face~
  4. Learn how to cook! you know yeah...with number 3 reasons, im surely didnt know how to cook well, except noodle cup, omelette, or another simple foods haha.
  5. Take a music lesson! Envying people whos know how to work on guitar, piano, or violin!! someone teach me guitar pehulissss T___T
  6. Dont expect too much! if you won't disappointed much then dont expect too much from someone. Poor you~
  7. Take care of your heart! You are amazingly too kind. You give your heart over and over again even after its broken
  8. Be Confident! this one, forever for my self.
  9. Treat your brothers better! you gonna realize how precious they are after you guys being apart T_T
  10. LISTEN WELL TO YOUR PARENT! Treat them WELL! Cherish them MORE! FOR-EVER!

I was about 16 in this pict! w/ my school uniform <3

Really sorry for my rough english T_______T
Glad if you'd like to correct me hehehehe :D

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