Making: Scenario of short movie based on my favorite song from Demi Lovato 'Gift of Friends". Its for my Video Editing Class's assignment, totally drive me crazy.
Cooking: Nothing at all. I've been lazy cooking since move, except eggroll or instan noodle maybe haha!
Drinking: Lemon Tea. I start to like drink kind of tea lately, its good anyway for my less caffeine project. keke
Reading: Cacing dan Kotoran Kesayangannya Vol2. Its my bday present from Weni ^^
Wanting: To travel to somewhere i'd never been before, with some friends....indeed!
Looking: Forward to this month exhibition.
Playing: With my virtual pet just now, you know Pou right ? keke
Wasting: Time with Lia, talk about some great novel we've reading before, its so much fun to talk with friend whos has the same anxiety like you. Right ?
Sewing: Forget when was the last time im sewing, wow....its such a while. I used to made and sewing my own uniform when im on my senior high school.
Wishing: For rain this month. Well....kinda miss the rain and its gloomy days hehe.
Enjoying: My 3rd smester. This smester just getting interesting a.k.a tough haha
Waiting: For money fall from the sky. I'm dying of soooo much Novel right now TT^TT
Liking: Cody Simpson's songs again after such a long time...
Wondering: Why pimples and acnes kept appear on my face-_- just go away please~
Loving: Who i am right now, i mean i feel like a bit different from who i am before wkwk.
Hoping: I have a good luck this month ^^
Marveling: At how much my drawing skill increase, i want to give my best no matter what..
Needing: More money (again) beibiihh....
Smelling: Nothing. Not good at this kind of stuff to be honest haha!
Wearing: Training pants and oversize 'Bandung' T-shirt hoho
Following: Yoon Leader on Instagram! He like finally join his fellow member on instagram!!
Noticing: How bad i am with love this far hhhh
Knowing: Something that i shouldnt.....i just hate it.
Thinking: Of my lil-brother.....i miss him a lot :'(
Bookmarking: All of my assignments deadline. huh
Opening: Another snack XD
Giggling: At JTV News. I find its so ridiculious and wired to hearing news program with 'Java Language' lol
Feeling: Tired, bored, but happy at the other side :')

*borrowing this little blog post idea from another blog :))

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