Day9 - One thing you wish you could be great at ?

Hm.......lets me think about it carefully,
since the truth i wish that  i could be great at anything kekeke, -yeah tell me whos not ?-
Oke, i will shout it cleary,
since i already decided to enter a field of this study, surely i wish i could be great at this area. Design and more. Lately, while laying down and things im trying to drawing as much as possible, and increasing my skill. 
Well, if i try hard and give my best, theres no word such impossible right ? hehe

So, for its sake, i'll try to share my artwork from assignment and ect for the next posting. So you could appreciated, criticising and more about mine, and i also know about my shortcoming. hehe

But, whats so wrong about posting one of them right now ? hahaha XD

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